Changing The way High School Students are hired.


“We discovered a bigger problem, and made the hard decision to pivot our business model to help high school students acquire employment”

Brian Kearns

CEO HipHire

What’s Different


  • Works with existing HR systems requiring minimal interaction
  • Easy to implement and no “IT” staff needed to set up
  • Operates continuously seeking out the best matches for your organization


  • Designed for single or multiple or locations that offer jobs for teens
  • Secure delegation to local branch managers or the HR Team
  • Monthly or annual plans that best fit your business requirements


  • Find high school students who are the best fit for your location
  • Uniquely match based on challenging student requirements
  • Compared against your job requirements driving the top candidates


  • Reduce teen job turnover by hiring the right students that want to work for your company
  • Continuously stream deliver top matches automatically to one or more branches
  • Finally, solve the problems hiring the right high school students

The Story Why

“As a result of two years of research, we interviewed hundreds of high school students and businesses. Listening to students who shared there is significant demand for this solution.  At the root of the problem, high school students have trouble finding teen jobs that meet their current age, availability, and that offer flexible hours to meet their schedules.  With greater exposure to STEM education, HipHire can expand possibilities that include internships and colleges, so these part-time jobs don’t become careers, but stepping stones towards more lofty aspirations.”

{Photo} Northland CAP’s student doing one of hundreds in-person interviews with high school students.

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