Changing The way High School Students are hired.

"Finding part-time jobs is a pain for high school students"

Discover HipHire for High School Students

Students in Kansas City set your:

  • Age
  • Preferences
  • Schedule
  • Get Matched

"I loved the process to sign up. It all worked very nicely and was also visually appealing." - Student Feedback

The Simple Solution to Discover High School Students for Teen Jobs

HipHire is a platform you'll love that continuously delivers top students without the headaches

Post Jobs by Age & Availability

Find top high school candidates based on hard-to-match requirements

Set minimum age requirements and availability needs

See results based on closest match and flexibility of candidate

Quickly post new jobs by duplicating requirements

Set-and-Forget Administration

HipHire works with your existing HR systems requiring minimal interaction

Secure delegation to local branch managers or the HR team

Easily pause locations and all associated jobs

Continuously stream top matches automatically to one or more branches

Reduce teen job turnover by hiring the right students that want to work for your company!

Easy Subscription Options

HipHire has designed the right plans for your business that continually streams quality candidates.

  1. Select monthly or annual plans
  2. Select the plan that fits your needs
  3. Assign the number of locations
  4. Purchase with credit card or invoice

Designed for single or multiple locations that offer jobs for teens. Easy to implement and no “IT” staff needed to set up.

Solutions for every business that hire high school students for teen jobs

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