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Unfilled Positions

Are positions that remain unfilled resulting in overworked employees, lower morale and poor customer service?

Time Poverty

Is spending too much time trying to squeeze the wrong candidates from generic job boards really worth your time?

Lost Productivity

Are open schedules resulting in lost productivity and revenue, constraining business growth?

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Qualified Candidates | More time to focus on your business | Cost effective recruitment practices

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Employers are today’s generic job boards giving you the chills?

Let HipHire heat up your hiring by building you a dependable pipeline of quality entry-level talent. Delivered from a service that understands your need to hire fast at a cost that’s in-line with your budget.


“As a major employer, we hire both students and adults to fill our 3,000 seasonal jobs.  Over the years, there is a trend that regular job boards and job sites have not continued to resonate with younger applicants.  We found that HIPHIRE has filled some of the void. Brian and the HIPHIRE team are great partners. As a local Kansas City company, they are responsive to our needs and work continuously to grow their audience putting Worlds of Fun in front of more potential candidates.”

Claudia Wilson

Director of Human Resources, Worlds of Fun

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