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Connecting with Students Doesn’t Have to Be a Full-time Job

Mary is a junior who is available on Wednesdays from 4 pm to 10 pm. She would love to work in 3-hour blocks, but knows with today’s job boards there is no reliable way to find work that fits her schedule.

HipHire solves a problem for the student, and for employers by eliminating the availability & flexibility complexity. Simplifies the process to hire through automation, decreases expensive turnover costs with better job alignment.  This is why we built HipHire: the Match.com for high school student part-time jobs. HipHire is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for students ages 14 to 18+. The service works by matching students with employers based on availability & flexibility with work through a mobile application based on a custom algorithm.

The formula to match adults with part-time jobs is different than for students. Largely ignored by my competitors, who tailor their services towards adults who seek careers. Moreover, their business models, when applied to high school students, is ineffective and expensive.

Millions of teenagers in high school want to work part-time jobs, but struggle because of an unanswered constraint in the teen employment market – balance! Students face different flexibility and availability obligations than adults. They lack a way to navigate around academic demands and pressure from parents to participate in after-school activities. Employers undervalue these student needs, waste billions of dollars on inefficient methods for sourcing teenagers for jobs.

Solutions for every business that hire high school students for teen jobs

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