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Connecting with Quality Part-time People Doesn’t Have to Be a Full-time Job

BrianKearms Our goal is simple: to empower businesses to make smart hiring decisions, spend less time on hiring trial and error and see far greater results.

My name is Brian Kearns, and I’m the founder of What I’ve found in growing and managing companies is that most small businesses have a problem finding and hiring quality part-time employees. HipHire connects businesses with quality people seeking part-time employment within hours or days. Learn more about Why HipHire here.

HipHire helps businesses and job seekers confidently connect with their ideal match. We’ve streamlined the hiring process with a unique matching methodology designed specifically for the part-time job market.

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HipHire as been featured in

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Special Thanks To

Below are a few people and businesses who played a key role helping launch HipHire. Numerous others assisted along the Journey, and the input, support were equally important.

Developers: Content Marketing: Jules Taggart 
Event planning: Pink Moon Marketing Customer Development: DevCopilot

Never botch another interview again

Finding part-time employees who are a good match for your company can be challenging if you don’t ask the right questions during the interview.

Need a little help? Click on the button below to enter your email below and grab our list of over 50 part-time job interview questions designed to help you rock your next interview.

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