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Ace the Interview With Our Interview Tips for Teens

Before a plane takes off, the pilot goes through an extensive checklist to ensure a safe flight. Sure, the pilot has flown the plane hundreds—if not thousands—of times, but they still use a checklist to ensure a repeat of the same, safe experience as the last flight....

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Why You’re Having Trouble Hiring High School Students

Nobody likes to admit they have trouble hiring part-time employees, particularly when you’re hiring high school students. But the problem is real. We’ve identified some of the key areas that are keeping great companies from pairing up with part-time employees. If...

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The 10 Most Revealing Job Interview Questions for Teens

When you're hiring teens, the job interview plays a key role. But do you know what job interview questions for teens to ask to get a good feel for whether they're right for your business? Job applicants can google their way to canned answers for the best...

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