Interviewing high schoolers can be tough. Without much in the way of proven work experience, you’re left trying to measure the potential of the candidate, which feels a lot like guesswork.

What you need is a set of interview questions for teens that identify the candidate’s interests, motivations, and life experiences. With this information in hand, you’ll be better prepared to make the right hiring decision.

Try out these 10 interview questions for teens to really get to know a high school candidate:

Interview Questions for Teens #1: Tell Me About Yourself.

You want to listen to how candidates identifies themselves. Do they see themselves as a go-getter? An athlete? A family person? This little question is great at helping you identify culture fit.

Interview Questions for Teens #2: Why Are You Looking for a Job?

You need reliable employees who are motivated to work. Are they looking for work experience? Are they helping support their family? Did they get a new car? This question gets to the root of their motivation.

Interview Questions for Teens #3: Why Did You Apply to This Job in Particular?

This question does two things. First, it reveals whether or not candidates did their homework on your company. This might tell you how serious they are about the position. Second, it tells you what they value in a workplace. What about the position appealed to them?

Interview Questions for Teens #4: Apart From Schoolwork, How Do You Spend Your Time?

Ideally, high school candidates do more than just sit around after school. This question helps determine if they have any experience with responsibilities or commitment.

Interview Questions for Teens #5: How Has School or Extracurriculars Prepared You for This Job?

Despite not having work experience, high schoolers will learn lessons and skills in other ways. What are their strengths, and do they have a basic understanding of the job requirements?

Interview Questions for Teens #6: Describe a Time When You Failed.

Failure has an unfair stigma. It teaches us way more than success ever does. If high schoolers have overcome failure, that’s a sign they are willing to grow and take on challenges.

Interview Questions for Teens #7: What Do You Think It Will Take to Be Successful in This Position?

This question is great because it reveals how high schoolers define “success.” Does “success” mean just fulfilling the job requirements, or is it going above-and-beyond? Their answers also tell you if they understand the job requirements in the first place.

Interview Questions for Teens #8: What Can We Do to Help You Be Successful?

The days of command-and-control management are over. Gen Z’ers expect to have cooperative relationships with their managers. Before hiring anyone, you want to know if you can provide what they need to succeed.

Interview Questions for Teens #9: What Is Your Availability and How Will It Change Throughout the Year?

High schoolers’ availability might change depending on school and extracurriculars. It’s important to make sure you can accommodate their schedule and any changes they have to make.

Interview Questions for Teens #10: Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

What did the candidates take away from the interview? It’s good to know if they are able to process information and develop meaningful questions. This question is a way to gauge their critical thinking skills. #TeenHiringGap

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