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When you’re trying to fill a part-time job for your Kansas City business, the last thing you need is a long, drawn-out hiring process. Fortunately, there are ways to change that. Let’s take a look at some common hiccups in the hiring process and how you can simplify yours.

Simplifying Part-time Hiring: Right People In, Right People In

Have you heard of the phrase, “good data in, good data out”? Typically that means that if you get accurate information upfront, you’re more apt to make better decisions on the backend for whatever you’re doing.

But when it comes to part-time hiring, you want things to work a little differently. You want to get the right people in your job sourcing funnel to begin with, so that you’ll get the right people in those jobs—quickly and seamlessly.

With many traditional job boards, your work is doubled. You’re first trying to find people who are looking for the type of job that you’re offering, and then you’re weeding through those people to determine the best candidate for your job. That two-step process is not helping you simplify your hiring process.

That’s our mission here at HipHire. We work on getting the right part-time job candidates onto our platform and mobile app. This ultimately helps you begin streamlining your hiring process because you’re not trying to rule people in or out. We simplify the part-time hiring process by weeding through candidates for you.

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Simplifying Part-time Hiring: Prioritize Hiring

If you’re still posting your open positions on a traditional job site, you’re likely dealing with waves of applications, with no good insight into who’s best for your position. HipHire’s technology takes what you are looking for in a part-time hire and pairs that information with what part-time job candidates are looking for in a job. This leads to a more successful, streamlined way of finding the right fit.

The second thing HipHire does when helping you streamline your hiring process is prioritizing the best candidates. Our technology allows us to position job seekers who are most interested in your job opening—such as those who visit the listing multiple times—at the top of the stack. This gives you the ability to truly hire someone who’s a fan of your business and the job.

Simplifying Part-time Hiring: Clone Your Best Employees

This is a business term I once heard from a friend. As I was building my company, he told me to clone my best customers. And what he meant by that was to look at my list of clients and decide what attributes make them the best.

So my advice to you is to clone your best employees. Take a look at all your staff and consider what makes one or more the best. Do they always show up on time? Have they referred other great employees? Do they go above and beyond what’s asked? I’m sure you could sit down and make a list of those qualities.

Knowing what makes your employees the best gives you the ability to “clone” them somewhat. You know what quantitative attributes to look for when hiring your next employee. While HipHire doesn’t give you the ability to literally clone your best hires, knowing what you want at the beginning will help you find the best fit in the end.

Whether you’re looking to fill an insurance opening or a position on your retail staff, HipHire can help you simplify your hiring process—and find the right fit for your part-time jobs.

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