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We’ve been busy building a new HiHpHire app for our part-time job seekers. Take a minute and checkout this sneak peek below of what’s coming next here at HipHire and how this will supercharge your part-time job search experience.

We’ve taken everything we learned these past 12 months and are bring this world class experience to job seekers with the upcoming launch of our mobile application designed specifically for the Android platform.

Our Job Matching Nitro Gets You Out Of The Gate Fast

At the heart of HipHire is our commitment to being the best part-time gig match-maker. We go beyond delivering you the best job opportunities — we position you ahead of the crowd.

After signing up and defining your job preference, you are immediately presented with companies based on how close a match they are based on your preferences. These matches are sorted from the top down and are indicated by a green bar for a high match, yellow bar for a medium, and finally a red bar for a low match.

You’ll have the option to turn medium or low matches off, but to start we will show you everything by default so you’re in control the entire time.

The most important information is first shown in this card view. How much does the job pay? How far away is the job? What are the hours and finally what type of job is it? We make it easy for you to find these details fast.

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Using the HipHire App Magic Wand

Often our intuition is spot on and the job that we are likely to perform best in is one we also love. This is why we first match you with jobs based on your preferences. However this is just the first layer of our matching methodology.

With HipHire’s preferences setting, we provide a “What If” scenario. This tool permits you to test out other job options. By playing with the preferences you may learn your original expectations we’re off.

Use these settings like a magic wand. You don’t have anything to lose and may even discover a better opportunity in the process.

Drive Through Traffic With Clear Job Details

Before opening up the hood on the full description, we give you a snapshot overview to show you how closely you match up with this job.

The percentages shown next to each of the icons is a reflection of how closely you match. You’re always in the driver’s seat and by looking at the data you can determine if your a fit for this business.

Remember the closer the match, the more likely you are to get matched up for an interview.

The Job Overview is a brief description of the job, but clicking on “See Full Job Description” flings the hood wide open, so you can see the full details of each position.

This is just above the fold, and you’ll be amazed what you’ll see by scrolling down further.

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Stay Engaged During The Race

Awesome, you coming around to the final lap. At this point in the App we position you and the most important activity at the top of the screen.

We’ve sorted the results between the businesses you’ve shown interest in, companies who have shown interest in you, and matches — all in one centralized view.

We help you stay in the winning lane by showing you where you stand with all these companies, so you can continue to make decisions. Since there is a lot going on, you’ll see your highest potential for a match at the top of the screen and as you scroll down you’ll see other jobs that have less potential for a match. This helps you stay organized and prioritize your search quickly.

Returning to the app often and reviewing your position tells these businesses you are the most interested.

Crossing The Finish Line A Winner

As you race down the final stretch of the race you’ll realize how HipHire’s new app has helped fine tuned your part-time job searching into first place.

At this point, the business has shown interest in you, but as the driver, you’ve maintained control the entire time.

Accepting the match closes the loop and puts the final decision into the business’s hands who pays a fee to complete the match. You never pay a penny. Once the match has been completed, you’ll receive the business’s contact information so as to set up the interview.

Declining the match tells the company you’re not interested in their job. That way they can pull into the pit lane, retune their job candidates and keep racing till they find the right candidate.

Our new App is designed to put every part-time job seeker into position to cross the finish line a winner. While other services continue to focus on the wrong things, HipHire is committed to ensure every job seeker has a successful outcome.

To rev up your part-time job search engine, download the HipHire app today.

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