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Do you remember that 80s movie, “Top Gun,” where Maverick and Goose serenaded Charlie with their rendition of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’”? OK, maybe you don’t. However, if you do, ask yourself: Have I started hearing that song in my head when I walk into my part-time job some mornings?

Lost That Feeling in Your Part-time Job?

Let HipHire play matchmaker and serenade you with our fantastic Kansas City part-time jobs. To play Cupid, let’s start by making a list of the top five things missing in your current job.

Let’s assume you’ve got a job, but you’re looking to upgrade—to find something better. So I’d ask you,  “What is it you’re looking for?” Not the type of gig, but what concrete thing are you looking for that next job to fulfill?

Puzzled? Here’s an example: You wish for better hours or a short commute to work. I guess it’s a good a thing I limited you to just five, but it’s satisfying, I hope, to get that out of your head and written down. That way you don’t make the same mistake, right?

OK, here’s the fun part, what are five things you’d love to have in your next job? Would you love to work weekends? Love more money? (Who wouldn’t?!)

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How to Find That Lovin’ Feelin’ in Your Next Part-time Job

Now we have a better list to work from. Let’s start the matchmaking process. You don’t need to create an account or anything, but just drop in your zipcode and click, “Let’s Go.”

After you hit enter, check out our preferences tool labeled “Filters,” or as I call it, the “What If Wizard.” Adjust the filter based on your new list of job requirements.

“What if a part-time job existed where I worked Monday, Wednesday, Friday; it paid $15 hr; and I get 24 hrs a week?” Makes sense. Does a job exist on our platform that fits the new things you’re looking for?

If yes, awesome! Sign up. If not, then let me know by emailing I want to know what we’re doing wrong!

(Note: At the time of this writing HipHire is only in Kansas City, so if you happen to come across this article and we’re not in your city yet, try this zip code: 64108.)

Mobile App—You can also try the same test on our app. Obviously, you’ll need to download it, but before you set up a profile, you can still enter your zipcode and see the results. (Again, if not in KC, try 64108.)

The “Preferences” tool (or “What If Wizard” tool) can be tuned to your new and very specific needs and can begin matching you with businesses that are a fit.

Just so you know: We use the good, better, best method to show you how well you match up with jobs. We have Low, Medium, and High Match represented by a color bar above each job. A high match is green, medium match is yellow, and low match is red.


  • The mobile app is for job seekers only.
  • We match you based on your needs.
  • We offer both in-app and email communication—your choice.
  • You control who you connect & interview with.
  • Your profile is private.
  • The app is free.

I Feel the Need…the Need for Speed!

HipHire’s new mobile app’s need for speed is visible as soon as you start using it. We even delayed the launch of the app another week so that we could make it even faster. Our team spent more than 2,500+ hours of development time to make it simple & fast, so you as the job seeker can find the right opportunity quickly. We didn’t bog anything down by including any business functionality—it’s all about what job seekers need only!

So, why should you care about speed?

Under the hood of the app, sure there are things you can’t see, but what you experience is a lighting-fast application. It was critical to us that your experience on our app is the most important thing. We accomplished this for you by eliminating useless features that bloat some apps and kill your engagement on them because the companies who build the app cared more about their own needs—not yours!

You and I have both felt the pain with bad apps that do too many things unrelated to your core purpose. Those that are poorly designed or show you ads (Which we will never do!) and have a lengthy registration process.

Fall in love with the right match after you’ve adjusted the preferences to meet your list of new needs. Now the easy part: After you and the business have both shown interest, once the company finalizes the match, you or the business can exchange emails to set up an interview.  

The best part of the Top Gun movie was the chemistry between Maverick and Charlie. If you’re missing that chemistry in your part-time job, then HipHire can help restore that lovin’ feelin’.

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