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Long gone are the days when you posted an advertisement for a job opening in the front window of your business. Today, finding the right fit for a part-time job opening requires meeting job seekers where they are—online.  

This means that job posting technology needs to overlap with the job seekers’ tech, right? So, why are there still so many help-wanted signs and banners near roads and intersections?

I feel the answer is that the Big Job Boards haven’t solved the problem for businesses, since they’re more concerned with maintaining their monopoly over you. So put down the signs—and stop relying on those old-school job boards that pick your marketing budget clean. Turn to a revolutionary new part-time hiring process.

With HipHire, we have the technology designed to keep you out of job posting “jail” and, instead, keep you passing GO into the intersection of a fresh new audience.

Micro Job Posting Technology’s Impact on the Part-time Hiring Process

We can all agree that mobile has become the new internet, a change that didn’t happen overnight. Job postings on those big job boards aren’t as attractive to job seekers as they used to be. Technology is shifting quickly to match job seeker preferences that are far less reliant on job boards, which haven’t fully optimized to the mobile-friendly needs of part-time job seekers.

Micro job posting technology, like HipHire, offers a new solution to strategically target your job posting to exactly the right people looking for the type of positions you’re offering.

Many businesses fall into the category of hiring full-time, part-time, and seasonal people. However, the old-school job boards are not the solution, since they force everyone through the same doorway.

You need a technology that specializes in only part-time jobs like HipHire does. We’ve tailored our technology to specifically address the symptoms of hiring for these types of positions.

From our mobile app technology to our website interface, everything we do revolves around the world of part-time hiring. Because we’re specialists, there is a little extra effort required since you’ll need to step away from the platforms that are managing your full-time or career hiring. That’s not our focus!

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The Part-time Hiring Process Intersection

“Almost always, great new ideas don’t emerge from within a single person or function, but at the intersection of functions or people that have never met before.”—Clayton Christensen

You back out of the driveway and push the remote control to close the garage door. You have your hot coffee sitting in the console of your car while you’re sitting at an intersection you cross every day between home and work. The light is red, so perhaps you’re checking your email or Facebook account, but you look up for a minute. Is every car at that intersection in the same lane directly behind you turning right? Most likely not! The only instance I can think of where everybody’s heading the same direction toward the same goal would be a NASCAR race.

Think about when you post your part-time jobs on those old-school job boards and hit send. What are the chances your part-time job post is going to intersect with a person looking for that opportunity?

These one-size-fits-all job boards are more of a congested freeway waiting for you to pay the toll. HipHire believes in challenging businesses to think differently when hiring by putting you on the right highway, drastically increasing the likelihood your part-time job will intersect with people looking to collide with you for good.

Look out the window: Are you on the right highway because it’s easy? Or are you going the wrong direction?

A Fresh Audience

I speak with hundreds of businesses a month, and eventually, the conversation steers toward the type of job board they’re using. “Look, you’ll need to speak with our corporate office because we’re only allowed to use job posting systems approved by our home office.”  

Yet many part-time hiring processes are still suffering from the same problem. What’s that? The use of big job boards! What if you chose another road for the sake of meeting new people? Where would you go, and who would you ask?

The easy answer is HipHire. With our tools, we put you in front of a new audience that is also tired of the status quo. Job seekers who use our platform clearly understand exactly what we do and are only interested in connecting with like-minded businesses.

It’s a fresh audience seeking change, looking for businesses that also believe in approaching part-time hiring differently.

The time for posting job openings in the front window of your business is long gone. Should you be considering micro job posting technology that strategically targets the exact people your job needs?

Doing so increases the chances you intentionally cross with a fresh audience. Is it time to get off the highway or to turn right and head down the right road of opportunity by simply using HipHire?

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