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Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, are two of my favorite places to visit. Often families save all their lives to put aside enough money to make that one journey where dreams are made. If you have been there, you know what that experience feels like.

The morning after you arrive, your family leaps out of the buzz-lightyear bed from a Toy Story-themed room, pounds down a few Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes to get to the park early, just to find the lines for the best rides are already wrapped around the corner.

Skipping to the head of the line with the fastpass

One way Disney’s amusement parks chose to manage this customer frustration is with the invention of the fastpass. They launched their fastpass virtual queuing system in 1999. This tool allowed guests to reserve access to select attractions in advance so they can enjoy the park while they’re there. The old alternative was to spend your day in lines, seeing less of the park, and yes I am sure spending less of your hard-earned money.

The key point is that the fastpass enables families to visualize that once in a lifetime experience and spend the time on the rides they planned rather than waiting in endless lines. Strolling down the fastpass lane leaves you smiling and feeling like a VIP, while you walk past other customers who chose the old system of waiting in line. That red carpet treatment means your family doesn’t have to wait hours in line and it makes you the family’s hero.

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Cut through the clutter at the touch of a finger with HipHire and discover quality part-time jobs in minutes. Get matched in hours or days with the best interview opportunities that meet your needs. Start with HipHire now —and get the app.

The HipHire app is a fastpass for your part-time job search

With HipHire, our fastpass is our mobile application, designed to help you cut through the clutter when finding quality part-time jobs. Old job boards make you wait days or weeks, just to say, “sorry”. That stinks. It’s like getting to the front of the line just to have it closed for maintenance. Like Disney, we prioritize your time because we understand it is critical to the experience. We have designed our system with speed and simplicity in mind, making it easy to see the jobs that best fit your needs.

Here are a few examples of how we help you cut through the confusion:

  • Manage your interests. Once you select a company you’re interested in we move this job from your search view to your, “My Interest” column. Just swipe right to see all the positions you’re interested in.
  • Prioritize your job interests. When in the, “My Interest” column, your interests will be prioritized starting with any matches, which is when both you and a company have completed a match. Next, you’ll see “I am interested in you”. This shows you companies that are interested in you, but you haven’t yet shown reciprocal interest in.
  • Turn off low and medium matches. Finally, to help you see the the right jobs at a glance, we let you turn off “low” and “medium” job matches. This means you’re no longer looking for a needle in a haystack. With HipHire, we remove the pile of hay, to reveal the needle of the job you have been looking for.

Just like Disney, we know your part-time job search could be a once in a lifetime experience for you as well and you don’t want to spend it standing in a long line. In our quest to continually improve your job search experience, we created the HipHire mobile application just for our job seekers.

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