Job boards, Craigslist ads, Help Wanted signs…Are they really showing you how to find part-time employees? When it comes to finding teenagers to fill your open roles, probably not.

To capture the attention of teenagers, you need to practice out-of-the-box thinking. That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 less conventional ways to find teenagers to hire.

Want to Know How to Find Part-time Employees?

1. Let HipHire make great matches for you.
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2. Recruit via SnapChat.
Looking to capture a teen’s attention? SnapChat is the way to go. Get visual. Highlight company culture by posting a photo or video daily on SnapChat. Keep it fun by posting your opening—and accepting applications through SnapChat, too.

3. Build a referral machine.
Your teenage employees know the job better than anyone else—from the actual demands of the role to corporate culture. A quick question like Do you know anybody who could help fill the gap in our team? can bring strong responses. And it’s highly likely that teens know other teens looking for a job!

4. Hand out “great job” cards.
Did you get great service at lunch today? Love the personal touches of the sales person at the store on the corner? Give the person a “You’re doing a great job” card with your info on it. Let them know you’d love to chat if they’re interested in something new.

5. Ask your employees for advice, and you’ll get referrals.
Ask your employees for advice on solving problems or improving systems, and you’ll get innovative ideas. But you’ll also get more than that. Empower employees and they’ll give you other advice, too—like referrals.

6. Build relationships with schools to find great students to hire.
When it comes to reaching teens, why wouldn’t you connect with schools? Students are a prime group for part-time jobs. Build relationships with schools by getting involved with job fairs, clubs for entrepreneurs or business, or sponsoring an event.

7. Find people to hire on Facebook.
Targeted Facebook ads help you get yourself in front of the right people. Look for folks with certain interests. But don’t stop there: retarget to remind people who viewed your post to come back and apply.

8. Tap your tribe.
Your customers, readers, followers, and others who adore your service or product might be a great fit for your team.

9. Add YouTube to your marketing channels.
Aside from the sheer volume of teenage viewers, try YouTube for three reasons: people are more likely to click on a job listing with video, they’re more likely to visit your website after seeing a video, and video gives you a great opportunity to showcase your culture.

10. Talk it up—everywhere!
If you don’t know where to find the right people, cast your net wide. Talk about your openings when you buy your coffee in the morning, at your kid’s soccer game, and anywhere else you’re making small talk.

Great candidates are out there, but they can be hard to find. When you’re looking for people to hire, you need to get creative. #TeenHiringGap

If the old ways aren’t working, try one—or several—of the 10 options above, and start connecting with more quality candidates. Get started on tip #1 today by connecting with HipHire!

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