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January is one of the busiest months of the year for hiring with lots of people looking for jobs. When competition is heightened, it’s important to get noticed and connect fast. HipHire helps you get noticed as a quality match and makes it easy to connect quickly, within just a few hours of seeing a job opening. Now, with our mobile app coming next week, you’ll be able to connect more easily from anywhere.

First-time impressions are everything in part-time jobs

First impressions matter. For example, when you buy a new outfit for an interview, the aim is to get noticed right? You put in a lot of effort picking out that perfect look and you’re hoping it helps you get the job. Wearing the same old outfit on interview after interview hasn’t worked well in the past, it’s not going to help you receive attention this time either.

This is also the way it works when you’re finding companies you want to work for. When you try to find a new part-time job using old job boards. With those old stale boards, you’re a needle in a haystack. With HipHire you are so much more than that. HipHire helps your experience get noticed by the right companies and let’s you set preferences so you’re getting exactly the kind of interviews you want!

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Got a minute? Getting started with the HipHire app takes just 90 seconds. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Download the HipHire App

HipHire is what Kansas City job seekers use to upgrade their part-time job. The first step is pretty simple — if you haven’t checked it out in the Google Play Store yet, start by downloading the HipHire app.

Step 2: Tell Us Who You Are

Meeting new people is much like starting a new job — you can tell right away whether you like them or not. When you bond quickly with someone new, it’s because many of those qualities that are essential to your personalities are in sync. To accomplish the same first-time feels during your part-time job search, HipHire connects you quickly based on the job requirements. We know a solid and quick connection is crucial to you and your overall success.

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Step 3: Set Your Preferences

Tell us what you are looking for. We like to call our preference tool the “What if Wizard”. Think of the wizard as like a checklist when looking for the best job — you can tell the wizard exactly what kind of jobs you do and don’t want. The wizard helps you upgrade from an OK part-time job to the best part-time job by allowing you to design your requirements based on your needs. Helping you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Step 4: Drop in Your Zip Code

Enter your zip code and see part-time jobs, based on your location and preferences. By registering with our brand-new part-time job app just for Kansas City, we help you standing out from the crowd today when competing for the best part time jobs in your community.

We developed this new app with you in mind. We know you are looking for the best part-time jobs in Kansas City, but you’re sick of chasing down opportunities that don’t fit your preferences. We know you’re tired of filling out applications just to get no response or spend months waiting to know if you’re still being considered.

We’ve put your needs as a job seeker ahead of everything else with this new app because we want you to succeed.

Find the right job is easy with our app; you just hit the green circle with a star in it (lower right-hand corner) on the app to indicate your interest. Next, swipe right, and you’ll see all the jobs you like shown in a column named ”Interests.” Think of this area as the place you manage current interactions between you and interested businesses. We help you manage this process by keeping the most important job interactions at the top of the stack.

HipHire App job posting and interests screens

If you’ve ever wondered how you’re going to search for a new part-time job while holding down the one you already have…or if you are debating if you’ll be able to quit now and find a new job in time to pay the bills, the HipHire app can help you upgrade to a better part-time job.

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