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How to Help Part-time Employees Find You

How to Help Part-time Employees Find You

Retail stores, malls, movie theaters . . . they’ve got it made when it comes to hiring. Or it may look that way to brick and mortar businesses that don’t have the same kind of visibility. How do you get get people to apply for your part-time openings?

First, they need to find you.

Help Part-time Employees Find You without a Help Wanted Sign

Hanging a Help Wanted sign is a traditional method for brick and mortar businesses to find help. But some people would argue that Help Wanted signs aren’t good for business – they subconsciously indicate that you’re understaffed or may suggest that you can’t keep good employees.

The other downside to Help Wanted signs? People need to see them. If you don’t get a lot of foot traffic by your location or a lot of window views, a help wanted sign isn’t going to get applicants in your door. It’s time to turn to technology.

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Use Technology to Get Part-time Employees to Notice You

If using old technology to attract part-time employees makes you think Craigslist or job boards, think again.

People who post jobs that way often get a flood of applicants, some of them good fits for the job – if the position gets noticed at all. If you want to keep showing up at the top of Craigslist, you need to repost. That’s not in the your budget or schedule.

So maybe you turn to social media. Facebook ads. Snapchat hiring campaigns. YouTube videos to show off company culture. Tweeting about #parttimejobs. If you’re adept and active on various social media channels, it is a great way of tapping into your network or gaining more visibility. And a strong online presence helps people understand and stay connected with your brand.

But if you aren’t active on social media or keep your social presence customer focused, social media may not be the best tool to let candidates find you. And if you need to hire quickly, as most businesses do, trying ramping up your social media efforts in a rush isn’t the best use of your time.

You need newer technology that makes life easier. You want technology that helps you find the right people – and helps the right people find you – fast. You need a part-time job matchmaker. That’s where HipHire comes in.

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Get Great Part-time Employees Matched to Your Needs

HipHire is your hiring solution. Unlike a job board, you don’t pay to post, you pay to connect. To help you decide who to connect with, we use a unique matching system that helps businesses and part-time job candidates find great fits.

HipHire helps you work smarter not harder here. For a minimal investment of time, you can get a job set up and available to our network of job seekers. People looking for jobs can find you

based on criteria they set – and you get great matches delivered to you. You stay control in deciding who you want to connect with, and you manage costs by choosing how many connections you want to make. We make even make it easy to hire part-time employees by ranking candidates based on how good a match they are.

HipHire is already connecting great companies and strong part-time employees, and with the launch of the HipHire app  for candidates, it’ll be even easier for part-time employees to find your openings.

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8 Ways to Ditch the Help Wanted Sign

If you run a small business, chances are that you played the hiring game all wrong at one point or another. Maybe you still are. The fewer employees you have and the more part-time slots you are looking to fill, the more important it is that each and every person working for you performs with enthusiasm and drive. Drop that “Help Wanted” sign (more like “Hope Wanted”) and you will be taking the very important first step toward finding the right employees.



Today, we are STILL hiring people for part-time jobs using help-wanted signs that you can get from a local hardware store. I spot loads of them simply driving to the grocery store! Helping people seek part-time work is so fragmented with the use of hiring practices that are decades old by now. This process is in dire need of some tender love and care.

Most small business owners do it all backwards: “I’ll hire the best when I can afford the best. Until then, I’ll have to take what I can get.” Thanks to social networking and advances in web technology, those days are over! Today, the typical job seeker is looking for employment opportunities at companies that will give them the opportunity to make a difference. They want to fit in with their colleagues and be appreciated by their employers. Doesn’t sound like they’re asking for a lot, does it? With the internet as our playground, the opportunities for seeking jobs, employees and connections is unlimited! The only person that can get in our way is ourselves. Now, it is easier than ever to find qualified candidates well before you are ready to start interviewing.

Below you will learn about eight resources that you may not have thought to utilize during your hunt for a new employee, that are a million times better than hanging a “Help Wanted” sign in your window. We will begin, of course, with your best option!

1. HipHire – the newest and simplest way to be connected with the RIGHT employee. Your first and best choice is a job matching service that unites employers with workers whose visions of the ideal workplace parallel with their own.

2. Facebook – the largest database of personalities. This social network has over 160 million users, half of which are between the ages of 18 and 34.

3. Twitter – a great way to evaluate the younger (and perhaps hipper) crowd in their unguarded moments.

4. LinkedIn – a network where 74 million professionals have compiled an online version of their resumes in hopes of maintaining professional connections, exhibiting their job skills and perhaps, find a new job.

5. MySpace – the original social network which is making a comeback by redefining itself to cater to the artistic and creative crowds.

6. Job Boards – widen your search and get your spam filters prepped because the floodgates are about to open on your inbox! This is still better than foot traffic, though.

7. Online Job-Matching Services – the next generation of intelligent online hiring.

8. Current Employees – this may seem counterintuitive but give it a chance! Your current employees will actually become your best resource. If your workforce is comprised of a bunch of ragtag strangers that you barely know and perhaps don’t  trust, going to them for suggested hires is not a good idea – just like hiring them in the first place may not have been. BUT, let’s hope you have qualified employees that have proven themselves valuable over time. Trust their judgement. You already lean on them to run your business, so have a little confidence that they can make decent recommendations! When people are happy with their employer, they are swamped by friends and acquaintances looking for a way in: “Help me get a job there!”. Because they have spent time and gained experience working for your business, they know who would make a good addition to the crew! And frankly, they probably won’t suggest someone who isn’t reliable because it’ll fall on them if that person screws up.

The fact of the matter is that as much as you’d like to, you can’t do everything yourself. You are going to have to trust the people you work with, so make sure you hire the good ones! Good job opportunities are truly a precious find in today’s competitive job market. Take your time – don’t rush, do your due diligence and make sure you choose the right people for your team. Also, take down that “Help Wanted” sign! It’s taking up valuable window space.

The next step is quite simple: take a vacation! You’ve earned it.