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3 Ways to Simplify Your Part-time Hiring Process

3 Ways to Simplify Your Part-time Hiring Process

When you’re trying to fill a part-time job for your Kansas City business, the last thing you need is a long, drawn-out hiring process. Fortunately, there are ways to change that. Let’s take a look at some common hiccups in the hiring process and how you can simplify yours.

Simplifying Part-time Hiring: Right People In, Right People In

Have you heard of the phrase, “good data in, good data out”? Typically that means that if you get accurate information upfront, you’re more apt to make better decisions on the backend for whatever you’re doing.

But when it comes to part-time hiring, you want things to work a little differently. You want to get the right people in your job sourcing funnel to begin with, so that you’ll get the right people in those jobs—quickly and seamlessly.

With many traditional job boards, your work is doubled. You’re first trying to find people who are looking for the type of job that you’re offering, and then you’re weeding through those people to determine the best candidate for your job. That two-step process is not helping you simplify your hiring process.

That’s our mission here at HipHire. We work on getting the right part-time job candidates onto our platform and mobile app. This ultimately helps you begin streamlining your hiring process because you’re not trying to rule people in or out. We simplify the part-time hiring process by weeding through candidates for you.

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Simplifying Part-time Hiring: Prioritize Hiring

If you’re still posting your open positions on a traditional job site, you’re likely dealing with waves of applications, with no good insight into who’s best for your position. HipHire’s technology takes what you are looking for in a part-time hire and pairs that information with what part-time job candidates are looking for in a job. This leads to a more successful, streamlined way of finding the right fit.

The second thing HipHire does when helping you streamline your hiring process is prioritizing the best candidates. Our technology allows us to position job seekers who are most interested in your job opening—such as those who visit the listing multiple times—at the top of the stack. This gives you the ability to truly hire someone who’s a fan of your business and the job.

Simplifying Part-time Hiring: Clone Your Best Employees

This is a business term I once heard from a friend. As I was building my company, he told me to clone my best customers. And what he meant by that was to look at my list of clients and decide what attributes make them the best.

So my advice to you is to clone your best employees. Take a look at all your staff and consider what makes one or more the best. Do they always show up on time? Have they referred other great employees? Do they go above and beyond what’s asked? I’m sure you could sit down and make a list of those qualities.

Knowing what makes your employees the best gives you the ability to “clone” them somewhat. You know what quantitative attributes to look for when hiring your next employee. While HipHire doesn’t give you the ability to literally clone your best hires, knowing what you want at the beginning will help you find the best fit in the end.

Whether you’re looking to fill an insurance opening or a position on your retail staff, HipHire can help you simplify your hiring process—and find the right fit for your part-time jobs.

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The Part-time Job Bandwagon Effect: How to Break Free & Find Hiring Success

The Part-time Job Bandwagon Effect: How to Break Free & Find Hiring Success

Late one evening many years ago, I stopped by the gas station to fill up my tank. I had just finished high school the year before and was working late at a part-time job.

As I stood at the gas pump, another car pulled up just across from me, and a woman got out. As I glanced over, she looked familiar. I realized she was the mother of a family friend I had known many years before.

We struck up a conversation, reminiscing about family and jobs, until the topic landed on careers. It just so happened that the company she was working for was looking to hire.

That chance encounter, late one evening at a gas station, led me to my first full-time job. Sometimes in life, you don’t really find what you’re looking for until you serendipitously cross paths with someone or something. Imagine for a second if my old family friend and I had conformed to our normal schedules. Would we have crossed paths?  

Do you ever wonder who you’re missing because of how you unquestionably conform to the same hiring process to fill your part-time job openings?

Are You Sticking With the Same Old Processes for Part-time Job Hiring?

I hear the same argument all the time when I’m talking about hiring with business owners.

“Brian, look—we have an astonishingly efficient process that saves me a lot of time and headache. It allows our department to run like a fine-tuned machine. It cranks out applicants consistently for our positions, so that when one person quits, we have another person ready to go.”

Most of the time, their “process” isn’t necessarily a good one, or an innovative one. It’s the popular one—posting open positions on established job boards.

But sticking with the popular option because that’s how you’ve always done it may be holding your business back. The one-size-fits-all business models of most traditional job boards don’t allow them the flexibility to adapt as quickly as job hiring needs change.

Which means, if you’re using those boards, you aren’t getting the benefit of the latest technologies and processes. And you aren’t meeting potential hires where they are.

Finding a Better Way to Fill Part-time Jobs

Imagine this scenario: You’re standing on a boat that’s slowly sinking and there are no lifeboats. What do you do? Do you run around and panic till the inevitable happens—or are you the one that decides to jump ship and are ultimately the only survivor?

It’s an extreme analogy, but if you’re using the same hiring platform as everyone else, how you can tell if your hiring methods are sinking?

You’re no longer getting the results you once had. Perhaps you blame the job seekers, but what if the problem is you and your hiring process? Your competitors in the business down the street use a certain job board because it’s convenient—and both of you get a lot of applicants, yet both of your businesses suffer from the same turnover problem.

New micro-hiring platforms like HipHire are designed to provide you with a better option than those established boards for one simple reason. Their main goal is to solve your part-time hiring problem.

Systems like HipHire help you stand out from the crowd because we solve just one problem. HipHire brings together dedicated part-time job candidates with businesses that have part-time hiring needs. Part-time isn’t just a portion of our services—it’s what we do!

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Don’t Follow the Trends—Be the Trendsetter in Part-time Job Hiring

The bandwagon effect of using the same system as everyone else could be leading you on a path that starts and ends at the same place—with the same pool of candidates and a cycle of replacing employees. Instead of following the trend and sticking with what’s popular, consider how you could be a trendsetter by transforming your part-time job hiring.

Changing up how you hire doesn’t have to be complicated. Signing up for HipHire is a simple process. In fact, with our new multi-job posting function, you can even list multiple openings at one time using the same account. Simply sign up for an account, tell us exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll connect you with qualified candidates. And you won’t pay until you make a connection.

Take the steps today to break free from the bandwagon and find a new and better way of hiring.

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How Microtechnology Is Changing the Part-time Hiring Process

How Microtechnology Is Changing the Part-time Hiring Process

Long gone are the days when you posted an advertisement for a job opening in the front window of your business. Today, finding the right fit for a part-time job opening requires meeting job seekers where they are—online.  

This means that job posting technology needs to overlap with the job seekers’ tech, right? So, why are there still so many help-wanted signs and banners near roads and intersections?

I feel the answer is that the Big Job Boards haven’t solved the problem for businesses, since they’re more concerned with maintaining their monopoly over you. So put down the signs—and stop relying on those old-school job boards that pick your marketing budget clean. Turn to a revolutionary new part-time hiring process.

With HipHire, we have the technology designed to keep you out of job posting “jail” and, instead, keep you passing GO into the intersection of a fresh new audience.

Micro Job Posting Technology’s Impact on the Part-time Hiring Process

We can all agree that mobile has become the new internet, a change that didn’t happen overnight. Job postings on those big job boards aren’t as attractive to job seekers as they used to be. Technology is shifting quickly to match job seeker preferences that are far less reliant on job boards, which haven’t fully optimized to the mobile-friendly needs of part-time job seekers.

Micro job posting technology, like HipHire, offers a new solution to strategically target your job posting to exactly the right people looking for the type of positions you’re offering.

Many businesses fall into the category of hiring full-time, part-time, and seasonal people. However, the old-school job boards are not the solution, since they force everyone through the same doorway.

You need a technology that specializes in only part-time jobs like HipHire does. We’ve tailored our technology to specifically address the symptoms of hiring for these types of positions.

From our mobile app technology to our website interface, everything we do revolves around the world of part-time hiring. Because we’re specialists, there is a little extra effort required since you’ll need to step away from the platforms that are managing your full-time or career hiring. That’s not our focus!

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The Part-time Hiring Process Intersection

“Almost always, great new ideas don’t emerge from within a single person or function, but at the intersection of functions or people that have never met before.”—Clayton Christensen

You back out of the driveway and push the remote control to close the garage door. You have your hot coffee sitting in the console of your car while you’re sitting at an intersection you cross every day between home and work. The light is red, so perhaps you’re checking your email or Facebook account, but you look up for a minute. Is every car at that intersection in the same lane directly behind you turning right? Most likely not! The only instance I can think of where everybody’s heading the same direction toward the same goal would be a NASCAR race.

Think about when you post your part-time jobs on those old-school job boards and hit send. What are the chances your part-time job post is going to intersect with a person looking for that opportunity?

These one-size-fits-all job boards are more of a congested freeway waiting for you to pay the toll. HipHire believes in challenging businesses to think differently when hiring by putting you on the right highway, drastically increasing the likelihood your part-time job will intersect with people looking to collide with you for good.

Look out the window: Are you on the right highway because it’s easy? Or are you going the wrong direction?

A Fresh Audience

I speak with hundreds of businesses a month, and eventually, the conversation steers toward the type of job board they’re using. “Look, you’ll need to speak with our corporate office because we’re only allowed to use job posting systems approved by our home office.”  

Yet many part-time hiring processes are still suffering from the same problem. What’s that? The use of big job boards! What if you chose another road for the sake of meeting new people? Where would you go, and who would you ask?

The easy answer is HipHire. With our tools, we put you in front of a new audience that is also tired of the status quo. Job seekers who use our platform clearly understand exactly what we do and are only interested in connecting with like-minded businesses.

It’s a fresh audience seeking change, looking for businesses that also believe in approaching part-time hiring differently.

The time for posting job openings in the front window of your business is long gone. Should you be considering micro job posting technology that strategically targets the exact people your job needs?

Doing so increases the chances you intentionally cross with a fresh audience. Is it time to get off the highway or to turn right and head down the right road of opportunity by simply using HipHire?

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Why HipHire Believes an App Can Help Your Business Fill Part-time Jobs Faster

Why HipHire Believes an App Can Help Your Business Fill Part-time Jobs Faster

HipHire believes in challenging businesses to think differently when hiring. The way we challenge them is by delivering a simple service that streamlines the hiring process for part-time jobs.

Want to hire your fans? The web and app worlds are colliding fast—and so are the ways job seekers find and learn about employment. Technology is the disruptor that’s magnifying their inability to discover the right opportunities—or is it?

Ever had that anxious uncertainty about where to turn when looking to hire the right part-time people? Our “app for that” is a tool meant to relax that uneasy feeling by putting your job in the hands of the right job seekers. We do this by helping job seekers concentrate on their needs, then matching those needs with the best job. Prioritizing their interests, in turn, helps those hiring fill their openings faster with employees who are fans of their business!

Why We Believe There’s an App for That When It Comes to Part-time Jobs

Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, followed by the App store in 2008, which jump-started the app revolution. According to CNN Money in February 2014, mobile apps had overtaken PC internet usage. It only took seven years for apps to take over how we use the web, because these apps are designed to do just one thing, whether it’s to provide us with music, games or fitness tips. We no longer have to open a browser and search for what we need—we now have an app for that!

Apps are tools that reduce friction, connecting us to the internet seamlessly at the push of a button. However, hiring is still widely performed in a web browser on the hiring manager’s desk. HipHire helps businesses bridge the app divide by combining your web world with the job seeker’s mobile app world.  

Because we have an app, we’re able to streamline the hiring process for businesses in a way that traditional, old-school job boards cannot. You know, the ones that still offer the post-and-replace solution that increases your administrative and marketing costs and makes more work for your overworked staff!

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Why Prioritize Your Needs in a Job Seeker-only App?

The question that I’m often asked as the founder of HipHire is why just part-time jobs? And my answer is: focus! Steve Jobs said it best, “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are.”

Years ago, I was a partner in a sporting goods company. In the early days, we sold everything from tube socks to baseball bats. Over time, we matured and realized how difficult it was to be good at everything. We decided to only focus on one type of sport played by both men and women. That allowed us to hire fans, who were passionate about their jobs because they loved the product we sold. However, that epiphany didn’t come naturally.

Think of the same thing when you’re hiring people—how can they be good at everything? Michael Jordan, we know, was good at basketball, but I assume, stunk at doing his taxes. OK, sure, he retained accountants, who were good at one thing: accounting!

It’s common for mobile tools designed for businesses and consumers to do everything. We chose to take an unconventional approach by eliminating business functionality from the mobile platform. Focusing the app on only job seekers helps them identify the right part-time jobs, resulting in you hiring the best employees!

Want to Hire Fans to Fill Your Part-time Jobs?

Let me ask you: Who’s your favorite sports team? Why are you so loyal to that team? Teams hire brilliant sports marketers to help establish strong brands that build fan loyalty and, therefore, fans are often a key factor in determining the success of a sports club.

So we borrowed that concept of loyal fans to help businesses hire fans. Our solution helps companies make increasingly better hiring decisions by presenting them with the part-time job seekers who are the most interested. You see: With the HipHire app, job seekers who visit a job posting frequently are prioritized over those who only visit once. This is because we know businesses want to hire their fans.

Sure, one of the most common ways this is handled today is that we ask our best employees to refer their friends. However, best friends often don’t always equal the right hires. Once the luster of working for the new team wears off, that best friend quits, sometimes followed by the friend—and now you’ve lost two employees. Fans love their team in good times and bad, which is why we want to help you find fans who love your business.

Why should you care if there’s an app for that? Because we believe in challenging businesses to think differently when hiring. To be the best at one thing—part-time hiring—while helping customers continue to navigate this transition of technology, reducing anxieties by placing the right part-time job seekers on your desktop through our technology, allowing you to hire your fans!

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The 3 Biggest Myths about Hiring Part-time Home Healthcare Employees

The 3 Biggest Myths about Hiring Part-time Home Healthcare Employees

Are you having trouble finding and keeping the right people to fill part-time home healthcare jobs? Maybe it’s because you’ve fallen for the following myths. Get past these misconceptions and you can change your hiring process to fill those home healthcare positions more quickly. Better yet, you can hire better fits and increase satisfaction to help ensure part-time home healthcare employees stick around. Which myth is stopping you?

Myth: The best place to find home healthcare employees is Craigslist

Take a look on Craigslist or Indeed and you’ll find plenty of listings for personal care assistants and home health aides. That’s great if you’re looking for a job, but what does it mean for you as an employer hiring home healthcare employees? You may need to pay to repost to keep your job from getting buried. And, speaking of being buried, you’re likely to be inundated with responses — not all of them great applicants.

What if you could have somebody do some pre-sorting for you and only show quality matches? Where Craigslist and Indeed focus on quantity, HipHire focuses on quality. See how HipHire measures up to job boards. Save time in your search and get better candidates with HipHire. It’s that simple.

Myth: An employee’s transportation and distance traveled isn’t your problem

Home health care employees are usually responsible for their own transportation to travel to and from client’s homes. If driving is part of the job, you can ask whether the candidate has a car and insurance. If the job does not require driving, these are interview questions to avoid for legal reasons. But having reliable transportation isn’t the only transportation issue you want to pay attention to.

Depending on your area, distance traveled between job sites may be significant. To help hire the right people and improve satisfaction and retention, be clear about typical distances and travel times for your home healthcare jobs. Ask potential employees how far they are willing to drive. In addition, be upfront about travel reimbursement rates and policies about pay for travel time.

HipHire knows that an undesirable commute can make sticking with a job a challenge, so we use distance from home as part of our criteria. Even though the distance will be from the candidate to your offices, not necessarily work sites, you’ll get a sense of how far a candidate wants to travel, and you can use that information to identify candidates you want to connect with through the interview process.

Myth: Part-time home healthcare workers are available anytime

A common misconception with part-time work is that people can adapt to any kind of schedule or frequent schedule changes. It’s simply not true. While some part-time workers are very flexible, others have specific days, shifts or hours they are able or willing to work. Matching schedules to employees’ availability is essential to retaining quality part-time employees. That means if you have specific times you need covered or have unpredictable work times, you need to be upfront with candidates in the hiring process.

If you’ve got part-time home healthcare jobs to fill, get past these myths to help your hiring take off.

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