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The Best Way for HR Companies to Fill Part-time Jobs

The Best Way for HR Companies to Fill Part-time Jobs

Finding qualified part-time job candidates to fill your clients’ openings is usually a non-revenue generating task for HR firms. It can also be a drain on your team’s attention and your company’s financial resources, but it has to be done. HipHire to rescue!

HipHire’s goal is to help HR companies serve their clients better by eliminating the stress of filling part-time positions. To do this, HipHire connects your clients with quality part-time people to interview at a value-added discount. This frees up HR teams to fill clients’ full-time jobs and focus on other critical tasks. To take advantage of the HipHire solution, you want to be part of the HR Strategic Alliance Program.

HipHire + HR Companies  = Great Match

HipHire helps companies fill part-time jobs. Our sole focus is on part-time jobs, which means you can focus on other things. We use a unique matching system to help companies connect with quality part-time employees that fit their needs. The HipHire system streamlines the process making it quicker and easier for companies to fill part-time jobs. So what does that mean for HR companies?

You can stop filling part-time jobs for your clients, but still meet their need to do so. HipHire is building strategic alliances with HR companies. You maintain the business relationship with your clients. We don’t take your clients from you; we just help you fill a core need, giving you an edge over your competition.

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When you join the HipHire HR Strategic Alliance program, your client connects with outstanding part-time people to interview while you focus on filling their full-time positions, resulting in greater revenue. You keep your clients – and keep them happy.

A No Cost Solution for HR Companies

Becoming an Alliance partner doesn’t cost you a penny. And as an Alliance partner, your clients get the best possible pricing for HipHire connections.

When your clients set up a job opening on HipHire, they’ll  get rated matches for their openings delivered to them. Then they choose which candidates they are interested in pursuing. They pay a small fee for each connection they want to open up. When your clients set up a profile as a client of an HR Strategic Alliance partner, they get a rebate code that gives them the best pricing to connect with a match.

Using HipHire doesn’t cost HR companies anything, and the cost is very affordable for their clients.

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Filling Part-time Jobs Made Easy for HR Companies

If you are ready to move the task of finding people to fill part-time jobs right off your list (while still providing stellar service to your customers), HipHire is your solution.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You direct clients to to set up a profile and then turn your attention to other priorities. Meanwhile:
  2. HipHire provides quality matches based on your client’s needs, and your client decides who to interview.
  3. Your client uses the rebate code we provide to connect, at the best possible price, with candidates they want to interview.

It’s that simple, for you and for your client. We know finding people for part-time jobs can be a challenge, especially when you need to turn your attention elsewhere. Our attention is always on connecting candidates with part-time job openings. You’ve got other work to do. Make HipHire your solution to finding quality people for part-time jobs, and get back to work.

Learn more about the HipHire HR Strategic Alliance or set up a time to chat.

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