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Late one evening many years ago, I stopped by the gas station to fill up my tank. I had just finished high school the year before and was working late at a part-time job.

As I stood at the gas pump, another car pulled up just across from me, and a woman got out. As I glanced over, she looked familiar. I realized she was the mother of a family friend I had known many years before.

We struck up a conversation, reminiscing about family and jobs, until the topic landed on careers. It just so happened that the company she was working for was looking to hire.

That chance encounter, late one evening at a gas station, led me to my first full-time job. Sometimes in life, you don’t really find what you’re looking for until you serendipitously cross paths with someone or something. Imagine for a second if my old family friend and I had conformed to our normal schedules. Would we have crossed paths?  

Do you ever wonder who you’re missing because of how you unquestionably conform to the same hiring process to fill your part-time job openings?

Are You Sticking With the Same Old Processes for Part-time Job Hiring?

I hear the same argument all the time when I’m talking about hiring with business owners.

“Brian, look—we have an astonishingly efficient process that saves me a lot of time and headache. It allows our department to run like a fine-tuned machine. It cranks out applicants consistently for our positions, so that when one person quits, we have another person ready to go.”

Most of the time, their “process” isn’t necessarily a good one, or an innovative one. It’s the popular one—posting open positions on established job boards.

But sticking with the popular option because that’s how you’ve always done it may be holding your business back. The one-size-fits-all business models of most traditional job boards don’t allow them the flexibility to adapt as quickly as job hiring needs change.

Which means, if you’re using those boards, you aren’t getting the benefit of the latest technologies and processes. And you aren’t meeting potential hires where they are.

Finding a Better Way to Fill Part-time Jobs

Imagine this scenario: You’re standing on a boat that’s slowly sinking and there are no lifeboats. What do you do? Do you run around and panic till the inevitable happens—or are you the one that decides to jump ship and are ultimately the only survivor?

It’s an extreme analogy, but if you’re using the same hiring platform as everyone else, how you can tell if your hiring methods are sinking?

You’re no longer getting the results you once had. Perhaps you blame the job seekers, but what if the problem is you and your hiring process? Your competitors in the business down the street use a certain job board because it’s convenient—and both of you get a lot of applicants, yet both of your businesses suffer from the same turnover problem.

New micro-hiring platforms like HipHire are designed to provide you with a better option than those established boards for one simple reason. Their main goal is to solve your part-time hiring problem.

Systems like HipHire help you stand out from the crowd because we solve just one problem. HipHire brings together dedicated part-time job candidates with businesses that have part-time hiring needs. Part-time isn’t just a portion of our services—it’s what we do!

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Don’t Follow the Trends—Be the Trendsetter in Part-time Job Hiring

The bandwagon effect of using the same system as everyone else could be leading you on a path that starts and ends at the same place—with the same pool of candidates and a cycle of replacing employees. Instead of following the trend and sticking with what’s popular, consider how you could be a trendsetter by transforming your part-time job hiring.

Changing up how you hire doesn’t have to be complicated. Signing up for HipHire is a simple process. In fact, with our new multi-job posting function, you can even list multiple openings at one time using the same account. Simply sign up for an account, tell us exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll connect you with qualified candidates. And you won’t pay until you make a connection.

Take the steps today to break free from the bandwagon and find a new and better way of hiring.

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