You’ve got a part-time position to fill and a growing stack of job applications to review. Sifting through them can be a tedious process, but knowing what to look for will speed things up and ensure the rest of your hiring activities go smoothly and efficiently.

Just how prepared are you to review job applications for part-time employment? Take the quiz below to see if your process helps you select the best candidates or creates the possibility of a bad hire.

Application Review Quiz

There are a few small details that every hiring manager or business owner should be searching for when reviewing job applications. Let’s start with the questions below.

1. Before reviewing applications, do you read over and familiarize yourself with the job description for the position(s) you’re trying to fill?

2. Do you use an automated system for filtering applications and weeding out unqualified candidates?

3. Do you check for any related work experience and note any gaps in employment?

4. Do you follow-up on the applicant’s job history, such as calling past employers and asking why the applicant moved on?

5. Do you note any special skills that would benefit your team if you hired the applicant?

6. Do you check multiple references to look for consistency in descriptions of applicants?

7. Do you take notes as you go through applications so you can easily compare candidates once the review process is over?

Quiz Scoring

Count the number of times you answered yes to the questions above, then read on to see which category you fall into.

0-2: If you scored low on this quiz, don’t worry! Use the questions above to create a checklist and keep it handy while reviewing job applications. Not only will it help you be more consistent, but it will help you streamline your hiring operations.

3-5: If you scored fair on this quiz, you’re well on your way. Your perfect candidate is somewhere in your stack of applications. Go back over the questions you answered no to, then add them to your review process so you can review applications more thoroughly in the future.

6-7: If you scored high on this quiz, you’re doing great! Once you’ve finished reviewing all of the applications, go back over your “yes” pile and screen the group again to narrow it down. Ideally, you want around 8 to 10 applications per open position.

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Now It’s Your Turn

Which category do you fall into? Take your score and follow the next steps towards improving your application review process.

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