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The weekend part-time job that worked with your schedule a few months ago, may not be a good fit now. Over time, that part-time job may no longer work with your weekend plans. Often you don’t even realize things have changed. It starts with small signs, like tapping the snooze alarm on your phone or showing up late to work.

First, it’s 5 or 10 minutes of extra sleep on the weekend, but before you know it you could be consistently showing up 20 minutes late. Your body is telling you you need more sleep, but is the brain listening? That weekend gig no longer produces the zip that it once did. When you’re feeling this way, it might be a good idea to abandon ship.

If you’re going to have a weekend part-time job, you deserve to have one that fits your schedule. So, how do you go about discovering the right job that fits your needs? You could start with those old job boards. The problem is that these boards tell you what employers are looking for, but they don’t take into account what YOU are looking for. What happened to making that new job about you and your preferences?

A Better Weekend Part-Time Job Awaits with the HipHire App

With the HipHire app created exclusively for job seekers, finding a weekend part-time job is all about you. When you get the app, it puts you in the driver’s seat so you can share your preferences and connect with jobs that offer what you’re looking for.

We built a clever little feature into the app that we like to call the “What If Wizard”. What if you had a magic wand that let you select the ideal weekend work schedule? That’s how the HipHire app works.

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If you feel like your weekend job is no longer a great fit for your weekend plans, here are a few things that could be causing the problem.

Weekend Part-Time Job Wages

You’ve grown your skills and are now able to solve problems that you hadn’t solved before. Or perhaps you’ve taken on a significantly greater level of responsibility. Either of these scenarios mean you may have outgrown your current weekend part-time job.

One option is to make a case for a pay bump. If your pay has fallen far below the market average for a person with your background who performs work like the work you perform, then asking for an increase in pay is certainly an option. If that doesn’t work, the other option is to look for a new opportunity.

Weekend Part-Time Job Hours

Is work-life balance missing? Are you finding that you work so much that you don’t have time for anything else? Some roles are extremely demanding, especially in high-growth companies. If you love your job, your teammates, and the company mission, the hours may be acceptable for you for the time being. When you find that you’re spending less time with your family because of work, or you cannot commit the necessary time to your job, consider looking elsewhere.

Weekend Part-Time Job Schedules

If you’re working on the weekends, your schedule includes Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Last year that schedule may have worked perfectly, but things change, right? So how do you know what types of part-time jobs exist that fit your new weekend schedule?

Those old job boards just tell you what employers want, but they don’t let you select your preferences. Maybe you want weekend morning or mid-afternoon shifts? Does your work schedule exhilarate you to a point where you don’t mind a lopsided work-life balance? If not, consider transitioning to a role which allows you to take care of your personal life.

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Weekend Part-Time Job Shifts

Remember when you first started that job? Nights worked perfectly because maybe you were attending school or had another job during the day. Now you’re having a lousy day and it’s difficult to get through the evening because the shift seems to drag on forever. You’re unhappy and feel that the job has you out of control. These types of issues creep up on you slowly, so often you don’t even realize it until it’s a full-blown problem

Remember the moving Groundhog Day? Where Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, an arrogant TV weatherman in a time loop, repeating the same day again and again. Do you still feel like you awake every weekend morning to “I Got You Babe” as Phil did in the movie? Okay, let’s look at the next four items.

Weekend Part-Time Job Industries

Changing jobs frequently used to be a red flag for employers and that may still be the case with some. For you, however, change is good. It means you have more clarity in your life and a better understanding of what industry you prefer to work in and the type of work you want to perform. Trying out a new industry can make a huge difference in your happiness with your weekend part-time job, so if you’re feeling stuck, give it a try.

Distance to your Weekend Part-Time Job

You turn the key and start your car. You navigate down a few back streets before hitting the highway for a 30-minute commute to work. Gas, brake, honk is the new morning routine, and that commute has you pretty frustrated.

If you love the job, think about moving closer and shortening your commute time. But if you don’t like the job, maybe it’s time to start over. Reducing your commute saves you gas, vehicle maintenance, and gives you time to catch up on sleep, or other important things before work. Commute fatigue can cause workplace accidents and lowered productivity. To cope with a long commute, you may need to re-evaluate your location and your job.

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Education Requirements for your Weekend Part-Time Job

Maybe your job is no longer a fit because when you started it you were in college or high school. Since then, you’ve upgraded your education, but the job pay no longer matches your needs and the job duties no longer match your new skills. Maybe you’re an excellent candidate for a compensation bump based on your new set of skills in high demand.

Transportation to your Weekend Part-Time Job

Geographic boundaries have different transportation needs. For example, a business hiring on the east side of town knows hiring a person who lives on the west side is going to run into traffic problems getting to and from work. Perhaps public transportation is a better option. The way you get to the current weekend part-time job is something to consider and examine when looking for a new one.

You’re In The Driver’s Seat

As you can see there are many considerations when deciding on a weekend part-time job that meets your needs. The HipHire app is free to use and completely anonymous, so you can search for a new job without alerting your current employer that you’re looking elsewhere. Give it a try and see if a better weekend part-time job awaits you. Maybe not now, position yourself and get notified by an employer wanting to interview you with HipHire’s new mobile App.

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