Teens looking for part-time weekend jobs are a specific piece of the job-seeking sector. How can you help the right people find your company and apply? You need to be in the right places. (Hint: that doesn’t mean Craigslist or the want ads in your local paper.)

Depending on your location and the demographic in your area, you may get people coming in to ask if you have openings. While you can take steps to be a go-to employer in your area, you also want to get yourself out where people are looking for weekend-only jobs, specifically teens. So do you know where to find part-time employees?

Where to Find Part-time Employees—Social Media

Social media is everywhere and is used for job searches. To get found on Facebook, post on your company page.

That puts your job opening in front of people who already like your business, but you’ll need to go further by using targeted Facebook ads. Target by location, focus on teens, or look for folks with certain interests. Then retarget to remind teens who saw your post to apply.

Don’t stop at Facebook, either. Tap into other social media channels, like Instagram and Snapchat. Consider this: 75 percent of American teens use Snapchat and 76 percent use Instagram.

Where to Find Part-time Employees—School

If you’re looking for teen employees, you need to go where students are. Social media is one place; school is another. Most schools have a job postings area for student jobs.

Look for information about posting on their web site. Other ways to get your openings in front of students include participating in job fairs or entrepreneurial events and building connections with the people in career or student job services at the schools.

Where to Find Part-time Employees—Your Network

When you think networking, do you think about executives schmoozing over cocktails or people trading business cards? Networking actually works for all levels of job candidates. Lots of people looking for jobs ask their friends or family members for help.

To tap into this source of part-time weekend job candidates, make sure your current employees know you have openings. Ask them specifically if they know anybody who might be interested.

Where to Find Part-time Employees—YouTube

Is YouTube on your radar? It should be, because it’s on the radar of a lot of teenage job candidates. Did you know people are more likely to click on a job listing with video?

They’re also more likely to visit your website after seeing a video. Both of those clicks bring you closer to applicants. And, since video gives you a great opportunity to showcase your company culture, you can connect with teenage candidates who’ll be a good fit.

Where to Find Part-time Employees—HipHire

Why do candidates look to HipHire to find teens to fill part-time weekend jobs? First, HipHire focuses only on part-time jobs—and teens. Second, one of HipHire’s match criteria is schedule. That means HipHire does the heavy lifting in matching high school student candidates looking for part-time weekend jobs with the openings companies have for those specific shifts. #TeenHiringGap

As an employer looking to hire teens, it’s important to know where the candidates are looking. The next step—get yourself in front of them and start connecting! Sign up for HipHire today.

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