HipHire believes in challenging businesses to think differently when hiring. The way we challenge them is by delivering a simple service that streamlines the hiring process for part-time jobs.

Want to hire your fans? The web and app worlds are colliding fast—and so are the ways job seekers find and learn about employment. Technology is the disruptor that’s magnifying their inability to discover the right opportunities—or is it?

Ever had that anxious uncertainty about where to turn when looking to hire the right part-time people? Our “app for that” is a tool meant to relax that uneasy feeling by putting your job in the hands of the right job seekers. We do this by helping job seekers concentrate on their needs, then matching those needs with the best job. Prioritizing their interests, in turn, helps those hiring fill their openings faster with employees who are fans of their business!

Why We Believe There’s an App for That When It Comes to Part-time Jobs

Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, followed by the App store in 2008, which jump-started the app revolution. According to CNN Money in February 2014, mobile apps had overtaken PC internet usage. It only took seven years for apps to take over how we use the web, because these apps are designed to do just one thing, whether it’s to provide us with music, games or fitness tips. We no longer have to open a browser and search for what we need—we now have an app for that!

Apps are tools that reduce friction, connecting us to the internet seamlessly at the push of a button. However, hiring is still widely performed in a web browser on the hiring manager’s desk. HipHire helps businesses bridge the app divide by combining your web world with the job seeker’s mobile app world.  

Because we have an app, we’re able to streamline the hiring process for businesses in a way that traditional, old-school job boards cannot. You know, the ones that still offer the post-and-replace solution that increases your administrative and marketing costs and makes more work for your overworked staff!

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Why Prioritize Your Needs in a Job Seeker-only App?

The question that I’m often asked as the founder of HipHire is why just part-time jobs? And my answer is: focus! Steve Jobs said it best, “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are.”

Years ago, I was a partner in a sporting goods company. In the early days, we sold everything from tube socks to baseball bats. Over time, we matured and realized how difficult it was to be good at everything. We decided to only focus on one type of sport played by both men and women. That allowed us to hire fans, who were passionate about their jobs because they loved the product we sold. However, that epiphany didn’t come naturally.

Think of the same thing when you’re hiring people—how can they be good at everything? Michael Jordan, we know, was good at basketball, but I assume, stunk at doing his taxes. OK, sure, he retained accountants, who were good at one thing: accounting!

It’s common for mobile tools designed for businesses and consumers to do everything. We chose to take an unconventional approach by eliminating business functionality from the mobile platform. Focusing the app on only job seekers helps them identify the right part-time jobs, resulting in you hiring the best employees!

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Want to Hire Fans to Fill Your Part-time Jobs?

Let me ask you: Who’s your favorite sports team? Why are you so loyal to that team? Teams hire brilliant sports marketers to help establish strong brands that build fan loyalty and, therefore, fans are often a key factor in determining the success of a sports club.

So we borrowed that concept of loyal fans to help businesses hire fans. Our solution helps companies make increasingly better hiring decisions by presenting them with the part-time job seekers who are the most interested. You see: With the HipHire app, job seekers who visit a job posting frequently are prioritized over those who only visit once. This is because we know businesses want to hire their fans.

Sure, one of the most common ways this is handled today is that we ask our best employees to refer their friends. However, best friends often don’t always equal the right hires. Once the luster of working for the new team wears off, that best friend quits, sometimes followed by the friend—and now you’ve lost two employees. Fans love their team in good times and bad, which is why we want to help you find fans who love your business.

Why should you care if there’s an app for that? Because we believe in challenging businesses to think differently when hiring. To be the best at one thing—part-time hiring—while helping customers continue to navigate this transition of technology, reducing anxieties by placing the right part-time job seekers on your desktop through our technology, allowing you to hire your fans!

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