Does trying to find great people to fill your part-time weekend jobs make you feel like a kid who just got a box of raisins trick-or-treating? Finding the right people to fill part-time weekend jobs can be challenging for retailers, restaurants, round-the-clock businesses, and anyone else that doesn’t close their doors Friday night through Sunday. But the good news? If you’re open to hiring teens, you’re opening tons of opportunities. Learn why weekend jobs for students are a win-win!

Weekend Jobs for Students Fit Their Schedule

Students are usually in class during the week and may be busy with homework and other assignments after class. Weekends, on the other hand, offer large chunks of time to make some money, and cash-strapped students are often eager for these jobs that fit their schedule. Sure, there are students who would rather spend weekends with friends, but for those serious about getting a job, weekend jobs for students may be where it’s at, and outside of their scheduled shifts, students can still unwind. To tap into student job candidates, you’ll need a strong social media presence. Asking current students to suggest job candidates or to spread the word about openings to their friends and posting jobs with schools, can bring good candidates, too.

Weekend Jobs for Students Can Fit Around Another Job or Activity

Sometimes part-time weekend jobs for students supplement another job. People who are motivated to make money for a particular purpose—say, a car—pick up extra hours to reach their goal faster. For a teen who works a part-time job some during the week, weekend jobs for students offer a way to up their earnings. In some industries, weekends pay better (or have better tips). That makes weekend jobs more attractive to anyone, but especially to people who are working limited hours.

Weekend Jobs for Students Build Valuable Skills

You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s true! Working a part-time job while in high school can help teens learn valuable lessons that will benefit them inside and outside the classroom. Weekend jobs for students help them cultivate time management, the ability to work with others, problem-solving, and many other skills they’ll need as they move forward in life, whether in college or the workforce.

HipHire Finds the Right Matches for Weekend Jobs for Students

Schedule is one of the core pieces of information included in HipHire profiles. Teen job candidates identify the days and shifts they want to work. Companies tie job openings to particular days and shifts, too. That means businesses can search for student employees based on their availability or desired schedule, and student candidates can look for companies that offer the right shifts for their schedule. This information helps parties make quality connections based on specifics, like “weekends only.” Part-time weekend jobs can be hard to fill, but there are people looking for these positions—and teens fit the bill! #TeenHiringGap Let HipHire help you make the connection.  

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