Nobody likes to admit they have trouble hiring part-time employees, particularly when you’re hiring high school students. But the problem is real.

We’ve identified some of the key areas that are keeping great companies from pairing up with part-time employees.

If you’re struggling to find and retain quality teenage employees, you’ll want to check out this list. Knowing why you’re having trouble hiring goes a long way to helping resolve the problem.

Trouble Hiring High School Students Reason 1: Low Wages

We all know people work for money. Wages matter.

If your wages aren’t competitive, even teen employees will find your company less attractive.

We also know small businesses may have limited budgets and thin margins. The good news is that wages are part of a bigger package people look at when they’re looking for a job. If you can’t increase the pay, see where else you can make your job more lucrative when hiring high school students.

Trouble Hiring High School Students Reason 2: Scheduling Issues

Part-time job schedules vary a lot: weekends only, evenings, afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday…Matching student employees with the right number of hours on the right shifts on the right days can feel like a puzzle or a headache.

But part-time job schedules matter. A lot.

The wrong schedule fit can be a deal breaker. We’ve seen it lead to unfilled jobs and, worse, quick employee turnover. If you’re having trouble hiring, look at the shifts, hours, and days available—and look at how you communicate about scheduling both in the interview and on the job.

Problems Hiring High School Students Reason 3: Lack of Access

One factor employers often overlook is getting to work. This breaks down to two issues for part-time employees: how long it takes to get to work and how they get there.

Let candidates know where you are so they can figure if you are within the distance they’re willing to travel.

Things to think about: Are you easily accessible by public transportation? If so, is the transportation available for all shifts?

If employees drive, is there close, safe, accessible parking? You can’t change your location, but you can understand how it impacts hiring.

Teens may also want to bike or walk to work. Is your location safely accessible on foot? Communicate that with potential hires.

Problems Hiring High School Students Reason 4: Not Enough Training

Getting the right fit is important. But hiring and retention go hand-in-hand.

Hiring the right fit also means finding people whose values match your companies and who fit in with your team. Wrong fits fill a position, but usually not for long.

Take the time to make a good match and then provide job training for the teens you hire. Both are essential for retention of part-time employees.

To be a desirable employer, you need to avoid the hazards identified above. Ready to end your problems hiring high school students?

Start by figuring out why you aren’t finding and retaining the right students. Then you know where to turn your efforts to improve and make finding part-time employees a lot easier.#TeenHiringGap

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