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Why HipHire?

Have you ever wished you could find a way to hire motivated high school students? HipHire taps your teen job into students at their level of age, availability, and flexibility by automating the top of the hiring funnel. Delivering your jobs into the hands of the top matched candidates through our student-focused mobile Application.

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Imagine what it would mean to your business if you could unburden yourself from outdated job boards? We confidently connect you with the right candidates every time. Our easy to use web platform makes it simple, resulting in consistent candidate delivery. Leveraging existing software you’ve already spent time and money implementing, increasing your total ROI.

Here’s How


Imagine for a second finding the right high school student for your teen part-time job is nearly effortless? Discovering motivated students who chose your company to kick-off their career journey?  Below are a few things we do differently, so you can decide for yourself if HipHire should be your first choice, fair enough?

Job Posts:

No need to reinvent the wheel – Yet. HipHire works with your existing job descriptions. Requiring only a few extra questions that are critical to identifying the right high school students to interview.


Each location is unique, and it’s essential for companies looking to address staffing needs at a granular level.  For students, this is equally important when considering how far they wish to commute.

We make it easy for you to manage the number of locations for your organization. Plus one extra added benefit is the ability to pause a particular location after filling a job. Un-pausing in the future without the need to re-post. You save money by only staffing the shorthanded locations.


HipHire understands that every company is different when it comes to staffing the number of applications required to interview. With that in mind, each subscription plan offers an adequate amount of candidates to fulfill your high school student interview strategy.

Automatic Job Matching:

Do you honestly want to spend hours sorting through hundreds of emails going around in a circle?  Let HipHire work for you tirelessly, identifying the very best candidates, based on your needs.  Automatically matching each person with your job, then delivering their information directly to your inbox, saving both time and money.

Multi-Location Management:

Ever wish you could delegate your hiring responsibilities to your on-site managers? You already have enough on your plate. With HipHire we help you get the right candidates that fit your company requirements.

With location management, you can offload the candidate selection step with people already inside your organization or if you wish, continue to be involved. We give you that choice.

Company Applicant Tracking or ATS linking:

Do you have an HRIS system or existing software in place that the company has invested time and training, and is part of your overall recruiting strategy?

HipHire will never replace any of your internal systems. We plug candidates directly into your tools, maximizing your total ROI.

Free Trials:

We get it. HipHire is new, and we have a lot to prove. Rest assured, all subscription plans include a free 15-day trial. At the end of the trial or anytime in between, you can upgrade to one of our three plans, with either monthly or annual billing.

Our goal during this time is simple. To efficiently deliver candidates to your job postings that support the staffing needs of the company.


We get it that HipHire is different and questions come up, so we are here Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM for anything. That way we can get you in front of a fresh high school student audience and start seeing candidates as quickly as possible.

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