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  • Freemium
  • $0/mo
  • 1 Standard Job Posting
  • Includes 1 Location
  • Unlimited Connections

  • Monthly
  • $75/mo
  • 2 Standard Job Posting
  • Includes 5 Locations
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Multi-Location Management
  • ATS Linking

  • Annual
  • (2 Months Free)
  • $750/yr
  • 4 Standard Job Posting
  • Includes 5 Locations
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Multi-Location Management
  • ATS Linking
  • Enterprise
  • $
  • Custom Quotes for Plans
  • with over 20 Locations
  • Call: 1-816-920-0298
  • Email: sales@hiphire.com

Top questions about pricing

What subscription plan is right for me?

Freemium: This plan is ideal when you only need to hire one high school student seasonally or for a few short months, so it comes with the ability to post one job for a single location. If you’re considering trying HipHire but do not want to commit to a paid plan until you see results for yourself, I would start here. There are no time limits, nor has this plan been throttled back in any way. Try it yourself and get the full HipHire experience at zero cost. (Does require a credit card to secure your account, and you will not be charged as long as you say on this plan).

Monthly: Need to hire over the summer season or for peak demand months? Takes less than 15-minutes from click-to-post before your 1st job is live. Simplicity and ease of setup, so you can get going then focus on other areas of your business. The standard base for this package includes coverage for up to 5-locations and 2-job post to get you started, and can be easily expanded to fit your needs.

Annual: Need to hire year-round then this is not only the best package to choose from, but also includes 2-free months. Even if you don’t need to hire 12 months out of the year build a lead list of candidates, so when you are ready, you have a list of students to interview. This includes coverage for up to 5-locations, plus we’ve doubled the number of job post to from 2 to 4 or can be easily expanded to fit your needs.

Enterprise: Need to cover more than 20 locations or require a more sophisticated solution then contact us.

What are locations?

We’ve learned after speaking with students – commute distance matters when considering a job. Also crucial for employers is traffic impacts every location, and shorter drive times for employees can result in less friction and turnover because of “The Drive.” HipHire works by measuring the distance from the exact location of your business to the student.

Coverage: Currently HipHire is the only location in the Kansas City Metro area in a 25-mile radius (See Map)

Volume pricing: 1 to 5 locations are included with our standard packages, should you move beyond our base number of locations the price per location will incrementally increase. Once you hit 21 locations, we recommend you contact enterprise sales.

Unlimited Connection: No limitations on the number of job interest you received for each job posting.

Multi-location Management: Delegate the jobs postings and management to your local team for each location with this feature.

ATS Linking: Have an internal HRIS system? Not a problem, use our custom URL to link HipHire job posts to your internal system.

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